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Are you a master of referrals?

We enable Online Marketers to join to the Partner Program and get easy income with an attractive product they can sale for petlovers, dog and cat owners.

We provide 15% commission

All you have to do: place your referral link in your ads, blog post, etc.
So we can track  your customers activity.

We are present on the following markets:

In all countries of the European Union (EU), especially in Germany, Austria and Hungary.



Joining the Partner Program is possible after application approval.
 To participate in the Partner Program, you must first register as a user on the page here:
After that, as a logged-in user, you can fill in the details of joining the Partner Program under Affiliate area:
Affiliate area
All you have to do: place your referral link in your ads, blog post, etc.
So we can track  your customers activity.

Refferal link / Tracking URL 

The Partnerlink (tracking code) is cookie based and required for making money will be activated immediately after the application is approved and made available to the registered Partner. 
The purpose of a Partnerlink is to credit the commission for purchases. If someone clicks on the partner link generated by the Partner, a cookie will be placed in their internet browser, so we will credit the commission even if the purchase is made later, since the interested person can be identified based on the cookie. Unless the interested party deletes or blocks cookies.

Affiliate Area

Click and conversion statistics, banners, coupons, etc. can be tracked/accessed in the Affiliate Area. After you apply for the partner program, it becomes available in your account. This requires the registration as user before on the My Account page.

Banners and advertisements

The banners in the Affiliate area con be used freely. It's important that when you place the
banner, you include tracking code (referral url).

Settlement, commission and percentages

We pay you 10% of the net value of every generated and paid purchase. The commission is
determined and becomes visible in your profile after the purchase arrives and is settled in
our system. The amount of already credited commissions for ongoing transactions and
pending payment can be viewed in the Affiliate area.
The owner of Pet Pass ID doesn't set any limits on the amount of commission that can be
earned, as long as it can be proven that it is not earned for the purpose of harm.


The payout of the commission must be requested by the affiliate porter in the Affiliate
Area, which is paid by bank transfer within 30 days thereafter. The payment can be
requested above a balance of € 24.90-.

We pay out per Bank Transfer. Credits, commissions, and payments are under continuous
monitoring. In the event of any manipulation, act, or attempt to harm the system or gain
an unfair advantage, or to gain wealth, the Partner Program organizer reserves the right to
immediately suspend credits and payments, investigate and, if necessary, immediately
exclude the guilty Partner. There is no room for appeal or legal remedy against his
We do not pay commission if abuse is suspected you drive visitors to your partner link in
an illegal way (for example, SPAM).

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Pet Pass ID

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